9 Tried and Tested Sensory Toys We Love

Baby sensory toys we love, rattles and teethers and music toys for babies
Babyhood is an amazing time as your little one explores a world full of new textures, tastes, smells, sounds, sensations, sights, and colours.  It’s the time when an incredible amount of development occurs, even if outwardly it doesn’t seem that way. Baby sensory toys are a vital tool for nurturing development.

Why are sensory toys important?

Toys for babies are not just about fun, they’re about nurtured development and education.  During that first year or so, babies will seem pretty passive, but behind the scenes, their brain is growing and developing and absorbing a ton of information!
Sensory toys are designed to give your baby experiences with different sensations in a safe and fun way to help stimulate continued development and learning.
There are a lot of sensory toys out there to choose from, so here are the tried and tested sensory toys we know you’ll love!

Sensory chew toys

Teething is a very sensory-related developmental experience.  As the teeth rise and press against the gums, your little one is experiencing discomfort, and the pressure of a teether chew toy helps to relieve that.
Little Fenix is focussed on providing a wide range of safe sensory chew toys in Australia, including teething products for your baby. We recommend two types of teething products:

Wood Teether Toys

Wood might seem like an odd thing to chew on, but babies love it (think of those times you’ve caught them gumming furniture)!  It has the firmness that they need to clamp down on and has the added benefit of being completely natural, durable, free of toxins, and antibacterial.
Our beautiful, high quality, tried and tested favourite wood teether toys are:
Monstera Leaf Teether by My Little Giggles is excellent quality and a funky design.
My Little Koko Koala Teether, a collaboration between My Little Giggles and Phoenix And The Ocean is a quality teether in a traditional ring grip style.

Silicone Teether Toys

Just like wood, teether toys made of food-grade silicone are incredibly safe and popular!  Babies enjoy the chewy, rubbery texture, the non-slip grip, and the fun bright colours.  Mums enjoy the non-toxic and antibacterial properties that make it easy to keep the teether toy clean and the baby healthy.
Our stylish, tried and tested favourite wood teether toys include:
Rainbow Stacker and Teether Toy by award-winning Australian company Jellystone, combines teething with learning and fun.
Silicone Pear Teether by My Little Giggles is a simpler and more portable option but still undeniably popular because of its quality.

Sensory Developmental Toys

Sensory toys for kids and babies are a big part of their educational and developmental experience.  And let’s not forget the joy they bring!
Generations have grown up with rattles and soft books with crinkly pages, and these products will be a firm fixture for generations to come.  It’s lovely to see other fun and exciting options appear, like tactile puzzles, to shake up the sensory scene.
Our fun, nurturing, tried and tested favourite sensory developmental toys are:
Croco Tiny Sensory Rattle by Done By Deer is the perfect teeny tiny rattle for your newborn that is soft and designed with gentle sensory materials.
Activity Ball by Done By Deer will keep your baby engaged, strengthen their motor skills, and introduce them to a variety of sensory experiences.

Sensory developmental toys aren’t just for newborns! 
We have some favourite sensory toys for toddlers to enjoy and learn with as well, including:
Tactile Puzzles by Janod incorporate touch-sensitive materials such as fur into the traditional and engaging puzzle design to create a fun sensory experience.
Hedgehog Puzzle by Janod is a wooden sensory puzzle with chunky wooden ‘spines’ that focus on counting and colour experience.

Need guidance with sensory toys?

Have a chat to the Little Fenix team, the trusted team for baby sensory toys Australia, about sensory toys suited to your infant.
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