Without a doubt, one of the biggest stresses for parents is making sure that the snacks their kids eat are nutritious; it can be pretty hard to compete with the lure and appeal of sweet treats and chippies.  One popular solution is the bento snack box – the ideas for filling these fun boxes are endless and can inspire the kids to eat more nutritious foods.

The favourite right now at Little Fenix is the Yumbox Tapas Lunch Box.  This bright and colourful snack box is the perfect size for an assortment of snacks with well-designed compartments, including one for a dip or sauce, to help balance portions.

Yumbox Snack Box stocked at Little Fenix

Now to come up with ideas for filling the kids’ snack boxes.  So, here is our epic list of bento box ideas for kids:

Balanced portions in bento snack boxes

We think the Three Little Ferns approach to packing a bento snack box is spot on.  Take a close look at the examples, and you’ll notice something.  The larger compartments are filled with healthier items; the smallest compartment holds a tiny treat.  We love that it makes treats special again without spoiling their appetite!

Adding a hearty touch to bento snack boxes

Maple and Mango are keen on changing things up with some impressive ‘mains’.  We love the use of meatballs, especially! They’re the perfect size for a bento snack box and fit into the finger food styling of bento.  They have other great ideas like chicken drumsticks, frittatas, and pasta salads.

Vegan ideas in bento snack boxes

Veganism in families is a growing dietary trend, but that doesn’t mean vegan bento snack boxes are just carrot sticks and celery. Veggie Inspired have provided some awesome tips for packing vegan lunches and snacks that are nutritionally balanced, including some great recipes for mains from chickpea salad to vegan Mexican burgers!

Variety in bento snack boxes

The snacks and lunches packed by Simplify Create Inspire are a brilliant example of how great it is to have little amounts of a lot of things.  There is just enough of each snack in the box that they’re not going to get sick of it – like their very own grazing board!  Packed into one bento box might be a mini muffin, sandwich, cheese, carrot, cherry tomato, popcorn, raspberries, apple, and a bliss ball. Yum!

Fun ingredients in bento snack boxes

We love this recipe by xoxoerinsmith for Apple Banana Peanut Butter Pouches!  There’s a whole world of ingredients out there with combinations not often considered.  Have a hunt around for fun recipes like this that lean away from regular old vegemite sangas and bring a bit of spark back to the humble sandwich.

Gluten-free ideas in bento snack boxes

There are lots of little tummies out there that can be a bit sensitive to things like gluten.  That doesn’t mean their bento snack box needs to be boring.  Creative Green Living has some great ideas and product tips for a delicious gluten-free snack box.  The one with the waffles has our mouths watering!


Kids indeed need ‘brain food’ to get them through the day. Filling up on protein is a healthier option than sugar and will sustain their energy levels for longer.  The Forked Spoon has great advice about which protein-rich foods are best suited to a snack box and provide some great recipes for meals that can be incorporated into a bento snack box.

We hope these ideas inspire you to build some fantastic bento snack boxes for not only the kids, but yourselves.  We’ll be trying out some new ideas in our snack boxes!

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