Back To School Ideas and Must Haves for Mums and Dads


It is BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! Well not yet, but close, we are just getting organised over here. By the way, where have the holidays gone?
We have been slowly getting ready to get back into the swing of things and have been non stop ordering online and getting things organised. We wanted to share with you some things we have ordered to help get us back to school and kindy ready. We have ordered some Tiny Me name labels, the kids My First Day Milestone Board from Arlo and Co, one of our Yumbox Original lunch boxes, (which are so cute by the way, loving the colours). As we are now doing longer days at kinder, we are moving on from the Snack Box which my daughter will now have. Also if you have warm or cold items and need to keep them fresh you can always grab one of the SUPER COOL Kollab Poly Lunch Box bagsWe have a pretty cool range and not just for the kids either.

Is anyone else as unorganised as me? I have caved in, I have started to Meal Plan!
I know, I know, everyone has been doing it for ages and I'll be honest I have tried a few times myself in the past but I just could never get into the swing of things. 
This year is going to be different (well it better be, haha). It is actually working so far even though school hasn't started yet however, it was one of my new year resolutions, to be more organised. How have a done that? 
I have just purchased my 'To Do List' pad from Kikki K. It is awesome, I actually have it on the kitchen bench and use it daily. First I check our family calendar, and then add what every I need to from there, I also have previously written any other 'To Do's' from the previous day and then I note down the priorities and things to do for later. It is so simple. I love it and i just cross it off as I go. Whatever I don't get done I write on for tomorrow's to do before bed and this totally relieves me of stress and panic. 

These are a few of our tips and ideas to help you get school ready and just life ready in general. Gotta love some tips hey!

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