How Toy Rotation Creates Happy Kids and Happy Parents

Toy Storage

Clutter. Mess. Chaos. Unholy and ghastly. Any number of adjectives come to mind when we contemplate toy rooms and nurseries. All those small purchases or gifts add up, and you often find yourself wading through the madness or struggling to open cupboards and drawers without having everything come crashing down in an avalanche of STUFF. 

This idea of constantly picking up after your children as you try to navigate your way through the mind-field of toy chaos has so commonly become a part of our everyday life. It’s hard to imagine that it could be another way. But there’s something you should know about how to organise kids toys that might just change your life. It’s called ‘toy rotation’ and it’s very real and VERY possible. Read on to find out more!

What is Toy Rotation?

It’s all in the name! The idea of toy rotation means that you’re promoting a ‘joy’ response from our children instead of a ‘been there, done that’ one when it comes to playing with toys. Boxing up toys and games into categories and storing them away means that you’re cutting down on the clutter when it comes to EVERYTHING being out on shelves (and let’s face it, on the floor).

Toy rotation means that you work with your children to determine their interests. If you’ve ever wondered how to declutter kids toys, toy rotation is the answer. During this phase, you can declutter by getting rid of or rehoming the toys that they’re just never going to play with again. This will also get rid of all of the incidental toy paraphernalia – the ribbons, old deflated balloons, crusty old stickers – anything that doesn’t bring joy and just adds to the mess. Out it goes!

Once you have established the ‘must-haves right now’, box everything else up. Toy rotation storage can take place either in your garage or in boxes underneath beds or up the top of cupboards. Put those toys that they’ve decided they don’t want immediately away and you’re instantly blessed with more room ‘on the ground’.

Allow your children to play with these toys for several weeks or months. Once they seem to be growing tired of them, or you’ve decided that they need a change, box those up too. Bring down the toys that you previously stored away and open up the boxes. It’s like greeting old friends or, if they’re very little, getting new toys all over again. Genius!

Conscious Decluttering

Consider the ways and means that you will be ridding your home of unwanted toys. Adding to landfill is not advised (if you can manage it and have the resources). Consider donations to charity shops or selling / giving away via Facebook marketplace or Gumtree. Perhaps some friends or relatives might want what your children have grown out of. There are many ways that you can rid your home of clutter that do not have to come at the cost of the environment so consider your actions carefully.

What Toys Should Stay Out?

Decide to provide your children with a range of fun, entertaining and educational activities and toys. You could consider musical instruments, art and craft sets, literacy and numeracy materials or pretend play to ensure your children are making the most out of their playtime. It’s also essential that toys allow your children to expand their horizons when it comes to cognitive and social-emotional development. 

Embrace toy rotation in your home and celebrate in the new space you have created, both physically and emotionally. You won’t know yourself!

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