New Arrivals from Olli Ella

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls
We were so excited when we first introduced Olli Ella to our Carlton North and Online Store. We first received their stunningly child friendly Luggy, Piki Baskets and Mini Chari hand bag and bike basket and recently introduced their Dinkum Dolls to our collection. 
Their Dinkum Dolls are simply divine. They have gained a strong following on Instagram and have become the go-to doll for kids. They are soft to cuddle and posable. You can move their arms and legs easily, stand them up to play or sit them down to feed them, they do all the things a child wishes their doll to do. 
Dress them up and style their hair and make them your little ones closest friend. Dinkum Dolls are a great way to practice kindness and care with your child. You can model being kind and gentle as you handle and take care of your child's doll that they will model the behaviour displayed to those around them too. 
Dinkum Dolls are great for imaginative play with their welcoming features, cuddly soft cottoned body there is no end to the fun your little one can have with their chosen doll. All dolls come with a unisex outfit, socks, nappy and shoes for your child to dress up and change as desired. 
If you are yet to fill your home with the stunning array of lifestyle products made with natural materials and ethically produced you and your little ones are missing out. 
Olli Ella  Olli Ella

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