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Olive and The Captain - Little Fenix


We are always changing things up here at Little Fenix. Always on the look out for NEW brands, NEW toys, NEW books. All the things that make you go ooooo and ahhhh, or I LOVE THIS!!!! Well Olive and The Captain was one of those, 'OH MY GOD, WE LOVE" moments. 

We were so excited to see their spring summer collection and couldn't wait to showcase their latest range 'Tous Les Fruits' on our racks in stores and online.

 Louisa and Kori are the amazing duo behind Olive and The Captain, Melbournites and besties from way back. Their skill sets see them support each other through the development of their ranges, Kori forms their ideas into garment patterns while Louisa manages the garment production process.

Their 'Tous Les Fruits' range is full of quirky prints, classic stripes, soft orange sorbet, some sneaky pips and a squeeze of lemon! 

Everything is designed to mix and match — choose your level of pattern clash… we think the bolder, the better!

Olive and The Captain have strong values in
 the ethical production of their garments, while considering the environment. They are continuously focused not only on creating great quality garments that are comfortable, fashionable and durable, but also using natural fabrics where ever they can. 

We are so excited to have them on board at Little Fenix and can't wait for you to fall in love with them as much as we have. 

Love the Little Fenix Team


Lemon Squeeze TeeCoco Nuts TeeCandy Stripe Text

Tous Les Fruits - Olive and The Captain

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