The Power A Wooden Tea Set and Pretend Play Has on Toddlers

It’s more than cute to see a small child playing with a wooden tea set. Their little chubby toddler hands grasping teacups and teapots. The concentration on their faces as they serve up delicious pretend play treats. Their small senses of victory when they can manipulate these toys to craft endless imaginative games. But what if there is more to this scenario than just ‘cute’?

Pretend play benefits are incredible for toddlers and school-aged children. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should consider buying that kids wooden tea set or even something like wooden cooking toys for a deserving toddler.  

Incorporating Wooden Toys into your Playroom

Playing with wooden toys such as wooden tea sets, wooden cooking sets, wooden fruit and vegetables, and wooden cooking toys opens your child to a world of development and imagination. Rather than messing about with plastic fantastic toys that only have one function, inviting high-quality wooden toys into the playroom means that your child will have an imaginative bounty laying right at their fingertips.

Roleplay, or pretend play, increases cognitive development in your child. It opens them up to ‘play’ at pretending to engage in household adult pursuits. Using their pretend play food, for example, they might mimic you preparing food. Using a pretend play shop might have them mimic doing the groceries and a pretend tea set, well, you get the gist.  Whatever they have seen you do around the house, whether it’s preparing food or engaging in conversation, they will try to manipulate objects for effect.  

Besides cognitive development, playing with wooden tea sets and toys also increases your child’s capacity for hand-eye coordination, language development and social skills. The strength and durability of wooden toys mean that play can continue from toddlerhood (pretend play typically begins at around 18 months) through to school-aged children as these playsets never go out of style. 

The act of imaginative, or pretend play engages children in a way that flashing lights and whirring gadgets cannot. These toys are built with development in mind and, while they look sweet sitting in a nursery, they can power your child with the skills that will carry them through the years as they continue to develop. 

How can I encourage pretend play?

Firstly, take a good look at your nursery. Are the toys in there taking up space on the shelf and gathering dust? Remove clutter and consider a complete overhaul. Our toy rotation blog post is a great starting point. 

Wooden tea sets, wooden cars, wooden cooking sets, and the like, can easily take the place of flashing, noisy toys. They are better for the environment, more aesthetically pleasing, and light years ahead of their plastic counterparts when it comes to cognitive development and interactivity. 

Get down on the floor and show your child how to manipulate these wooden toys. Show your child how to fill their tea set with water from the tap and introduce things like our Kollab picnic mat for a pretend picnic experience. Engage your child in conversation as the two of you speak about how social interactions work and how to play with these oh-so-cute toys. 

Durability and the Act of Gift Giving

Pretend play toys, particularly wooden ones, are designed to last and are the perfect accompaniments to any nursery or playroom. They will stand up to the roughest of play, they are easy to clean, and they are cute as a button to boot. Wooden tea sets and toys are the perfect gifts for any occasion, and their durability means that they are built to last. 

Wooden Tea Sets and Wooden Toys at Little Fenix

At Little Fenix, we believe firmly in the power of play. Shop our range to find the best wooden toys for your budget and your child. If you sign up to our mailing list, you will receive 15% off your first purchase, making this the go-to choice for savvy parents of toddlers and children. 


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