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53 products

Little Fenix’s Range of Wooden Toys for Toddlers

The wooden toy is a nursery and toy room classic for a reason. These organic, sturdy and tangible toys have been delighting toddlers and babies for generations. Hardy enough to withstand the most fervent play, these pieces have been hand-picked for their aesthetic appeal as well as their ‘play-a-bility’. 

Creative, innovative play can serve to assist in the cognitive and social development of your child. Selecting to invest in old-fashioned wooden cars, wooden animal toys, wooden building blocks, and any variety of wooden toys for toddlers means that you are investing in their future. The playful architecture of building blocks, the negotiation of wooden toy cars and trucks and the delightful creative play aspect of wooden toy animals all serve their purpose in allowing your child to navigate their way through toddlerhood and beyond. 

Shop our range of stackables, plan toys, sets, animal play sets, plain wooden toys and more to be entranced by the potential that lies wherein when it comes to wooden toys for toddlers. This organic, permeable and long-lasting investment in your child’s playtime will complement any nursery set up and play space making for some down-right-adorable good times for all.